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Chocolate chipI knew it. There was a reason why I was feeling this happy lately. Something was going on. Something bigger than just me and my husband. I kind of had a feeling when I felt a continuation of the pain in my.. bosom. Haha.. And then the days passed by and no evil witch came to visit. I was at the office when I took the test.

It was time for me to do it. Our interns were there and I couldn’t help but ask them if they would help me tell Jeff after I found out it was positive.

‘Put the test in his sock!’ One of the interns said. Jeff was teaching next door and would change back into his clothing right after. So I did… He did not expect it. He thought it was a positive ovulation test… So cute.. he fistpumped, said ‘YES!” and came over to give me a kiss. He then went back to put on his clothes and shed a tear or 6. Hihi. I went over and we both hugged… Crying for just a little bit. Together… *hearteyes*

So… What do you get when you mix white and milk chocolate? Well… we are about to find out. He or she is the size of a chocolate chip right now and we can’t be more excited. HE can’t be more excited!

Yeeeeyyyyy! A baby in my bellyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

BUT at the same time, there’s tons of work to do. I have loads of energy. No nausea (yet) and I hope that it stays that way. But I am more driven and dedicated than ever. I get so much done! My platform has reccently launched and I am just doing what I would be doing if I was not having a baby…
Except drinking alcohol, eating soft cheeses and sushi :(

Oh well.. I shall survive. We shall survive :)

How I love our lil’ Chocolate Chip already… Check how we told the family.. here.

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The Dreamteam


Rarely you find people you can laugh with, cry with, be absolutely crazy with AND also work with. I’m blessed. I’ve met some girls I’d want to work with for the rest of my life.

Do you know what it means to be able to blindly depend on someone? That all you gotta basically do is say a word or just a specific tone in your voice, or a specific look in your eyes. And they just get you?

It’s the next best thing after my personal love life hahaha.

Life ties the three of us to responsibilities. Those responsibilities force us to do things that don’t necessarily full our emotional cup. That important cup that needs to be filled with love, respect, appreciation, satisfaction and happiness. We are all free spirits. We love to work but hate to work on things that don’t make us happy.

We so need to fix that.

Yesterday was our first event outside of our normal day jobs. And it was unbelievable! We were all amazingly comfortable and sooo in our element. We were all basically jumping for joy… while working – TOGETHER!

We make an amazing team. And if it’s up to me. This is just the beginning. We’ll be working together. Going on trips to New York together, AND doing business together. Forever.
I love my dreamteam.




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CosmicusI arrived early. I had some time to put my stuff down and prepare for what was to come.
They had to make a song with a cup, in a group that they themselves would form. And of course they would ‘perform’ it in front of the class and get graded for it.

I greeted the class teacher as she came in and soon after.. the students followed. I responded to the ‘hi’s’ and the ‘how are you’s’.

I caught one of my students saying Yessss! And fistpumping when she saw me.

That made me feel…. amazing.
I smiled. My heart smiled.

Yess!!! They are glad to see me
Yess!!! They know they are about to have tons of fun during the last hour of school that day.
Yess!!! I… (As I’ve been told – the most fun music teacher ever) have arrived *hearteyes*

It’s a difficult class, a difficult school. Kids that don’t usually listen.
My approach? Let them make noise, I try to create lessons that keep them active and don’t necessarily require them to stay quiet. As long as they can get quiet when I ask them to ;). That, thankfully has been a challenge that took me a couple of weeks to conquer..

But I have conquered, and that one class at that great school.. has won my heart.
On to next weeks class.

YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

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I’m in the zone… I’m in my zone ♫ ♬ ♩
I feel like Kanye 😮

It’s great to work with purpose. My mind is open, clear and free. There are no obstacles that can keep me from moving forward. The obstacles that are there, I just decide to handle. I find myself wanting to learn even more lately, I want to devour new information that can help me reach my objectives faster and better. I feel a surge going through my body when I’m working, my heart accelerates when I have new ideas that can potentially add to even more success.
I am getting better at weighing in the pros versus the cons.

Why am in in this flow?


I know what I want

I am thinking out of the box

I know that anything is possible

I have generated income doing things I like, so that reduces stress

I’m learning to be better every day

I am sharing what I learn

And I am absolutely LOVING the process

Sometimes, I catch myself fist pumping, screaming out loud or just being soooo excited that I feel like I have to share my ‘excitedness’ with the world. I head to Facebook and get caught up in other peoples stories and status updates. I realize that the only reason I’m on Facebook is to manage my professional pages. I understand that one of the first responses in the human mind would be to go on such a platform and share awesomeness that has happened, or things we’re excited about with the world. We get likes and people might even comment! It’s confirmation basically. Confirmation that our awesomeness matters. But do we need that confirmation?

A while back, I figured that I would want to use Facebook as a kind of diary. But I wouldn’t want to share alllllll of my ridiculously wicked things I’m doing with the world. So I decided not to post. To barely post. Cause I don’t feel like posting. BUT I do feel like somehow sharing my journey with those who really are interested. With those that want to learn or even want to join my journey toward success. And I’m not sharing my blog on Facebook. I might tell you about it, or… you will find it somehow.

It’s 2016 bitches.

The year I will be able to pay off my debts

The year I will be financially stable

While only doing things that make me feel like jumping in the air. All day.

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Yep… that’s me screaming from excitement.


Hihi! I just had to let it out!


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