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Month: October 2017

#DayOne – The best time of my life is now

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It’s been over a year that I’ve last written something on my blog. Gosh. So much has happened. We had our baby boy.
He’s super strong and -every parent I know would say this- super smart. We love him so much. Maximus is our greatest achievement ever.

What a year it has been though. I’ve struggled with work/baby/family/home a lot. Wondering how other moms do it. Stay at home all day. I. Just. Can’t. My perfect and ideal situation would be being able to work on the things I’d love to be working on with my baby in the same building. Knowing he is taken care of, but also that I can pop in to see him when I please. Does that even exist? Can I make that exist? Sounds like a new challenge to me.

Peer.coaching = Da.bomb.

SO… we’ve started peer coaching a couple of months ago. The boys and myself. What an awesome idea that was. Jeff met Yukio at a masters course they were both taking and decided that we should start so we can streamline our work, and kind of get better at everything we do, simultaneously. Well.. so far, so good. We’ve actually all grown so much already and still are. We’ve figured out our feats and our flaws. We learn how to celebrate wins by even acknowledging the small actions that we took that became successful.

One of our latest session was the Wheel-of-Life. Another crazy eye opener! What it taught me though was that I am not even close to where I wanna be in life. AND also that if I want to get to that place, that I gotta do it by myself. From my bills to my attitude toward life, to relationships and even my -nonexistent- social life, which I miss, but at the same time, I don’t? Weird.


Oprah & Deepak?

The Wheel of life exercise really put things in focus. Also that I want to reflect on my days and meditate. While searching for an app that can help me to reflect daily, I realized that I signed up for a meditation course from Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra. Sounds kinda cliché right? Well it really really is not.

Another goal I wanted to set was getting back to THIS blog. Well today was Day one of the mediation… and lo and behold. I am writing a blog. On my super secret blog. No one really knows about 😀

So what did I learn today?

The best time of my life is now

Like a slap in the face. The question Deepak raised was ‘can you think of a period in your life when you were the happiest ever?’
As soon as he asked the question, I started thinking. And there is just NO period in my life that was happier or better than right now. I can think of happy moments, but each moment was laced with some kind of drama, stress, sickness.
I think about the times I told myself that I was not happy in the recent months and that was such bullshit. Yes. Of course, not everything is ideal right now. Especially financially, but we are STEADILY growing out of that. AND with this new realization of mine, that process will only progress due to a shifted focus that I got from this ridiculous Wheel of Life. Who knew?!!

Back to this meditation course, I am so curious about it. Will it help me? Will I feel better? At the moment it is confirming that I AM on the right path and that is exactly the kind of confirmation I need right now.
That and Jarmal telling me last Friday that I am extraordinary. That was really nice of him.

Excited for day two. Let’s see if I can keep this up. Yay!

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