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Ohhh myyyyy Goodness.. Just 8 more weeks to go and we will become parents. Mommy and Daddy. Mama en Papa..
Insane. Crazy. I have NOO idea what to expect. I have a couple of nieces and nephews and I LOVE THOSE KIDS TO PIECES. I can’t even imagine that I will be able to love even more than I already do.

I’m in love with the movements in Mom&Dadmy belly, the kicks the elbows and knees that protrude my skin. It’s an absolute miracle. I am so curious what’s going to come out of me… What does that lil’ munchkin look like? Will he look like me? or Jeff? Both? Aaahhh!

I guess I can say that I’ve been blessed to see the growth of this baby quite intensively. The amount of hospital appointments were and still are insane. But when you pair the visits with awesome doctors and hospital staff, it’s actually become a second home in a weird ass way. My gynecologist is the best in the WORLD. He is absolutely amazing and the best thing about him is that he’s REALLY happy for us. He literally hugs me when we leave. And of course he is my doctor… but he is genuinely concerned not only about my health but also about me. My person. Oh and he LOVES Jeff too. They’ve become best pals over the months. And I am truly excited to have him help me deliver this baby. If there was a reason for me to be worried about anything at all. He just wipes it away with his kindness, knowledge and care.

There. I love my gyno. Haha!

This pregnancy thing though… I see a lot of women around me pregnant… or the ones that have had kids already seem to have coasted through it. Almost smooth sailed through it… at least, that’s what they make me feel like they did. Me on the other hand, I am not sure what to think of it yet. I’m not sure if I’m enjoying it or disliking it. The weird ass pains, foot aches because of gaining weight so rapidly – okay… it could’ve been worse 8,5 kg in 7 months isn’t so bad right 😉 – pain in my hips from walking, BURNING BREASTS ( the worst!!!), a sudden E coli infection, which i swear is the reason why I did not gain so much weight due to constant puking and blessing my toilet, high bloodpressure and the worst… a change in PH balance down under. Wait. That was worse then the burning breasts.

Everyone I ‘complain’ to or basically get the chance to explain what I’m experiencing tells me it will alllllll be worth it, and that I will forget everything the moment munchkin is born. Jeff wants to get right back into baby making as soon as it is possible.

I just watch him sideways.. And in my head I’m like. Bitch.. this is MY body and I’m not sure I can handle this a second time!

(Sorry but that’s just my pregnancy rage speaking)

At the moment, my mom is matching Jeff’s socks. She’s been here a day and my house is spic and span. CLEAN. She did everything. Thank GOD for her. There’s not soooo much to do anymore. Babyroom is practically finished, I’m hearing whispers about a baby shower… (people often fail at surprising me haha) and I should really stop working as hard as I do. Soon. After tomorrow maybe. Or next week. I’ll see.

As long as I feel good. Imma do what I can do cause there is sooo much to do!

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