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Month: March 2016


Chocolate chipI knew it. There was a reason why I was feeling this happy lately. Something was going on. Something bigger than just me and my husband. I kind of had a feeling when I felt a continuation of the pain in my.. bosom. Haha.. And then the days passed by and no evil witch came to visit. I was at the office when I took the test.

It was time for me to do it. Our interns were there and I couldn’t help but ask them if they would help me tell Jeff after I found out it was positive.

‘Put the test in his sock!’ One of the interns said. Jeff was teaching next door and would change back into his clothing right after. So I did… He did not expect it. He thought it was a positive ovulation test… So cute.. he fistpumped, said ‘YES!” and came over to give me a kiss. He then went back to put on his clothes and shed a tear or 6. Hihi. I went over and we both hugged… Crying for just a little bit. Together… *hearteyes*

So… What do you get when you mix white and milk chocolate? Well… we are about to find out. He or she is the size of a chocolate chip right now and we can’t be more excited. HE can’t be more excited!

Yeeeeyyyyy! A baby in my bellyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

BUT at the same time, there’s tons of work to do. I have loads of energy. No nausea (yet) and I hope that it stays that way. But I am more driven and dedicated than ever. I get so much done! My platform has reccently launched and I am just doing what I would be doing if I was not having a baby…
Except drinking alcohol, eating soft cheeses and sushi :(

Oh well.. I shall survive. We shall survive :)

How I love our lil’ Chocolate Chip already… Check how we told the family.. here.

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