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It’s harder than you think. Creating something that you hope will bring you freedom. The freedom to do as you please. The freedom to be creative and not worry about how you will make ends meet.

I’m working my butt and brain off. Every step I take I feel as if this is IT. This is THE thing that will be able to set us free. Not just me, but my husband, my family and people that want to join in this free setting way of doing business.
It’s so much hard work. But I love it and I am learning SO MUCH. Every day. It’s amazing.

I surprise myself when I explain someone what my ventures are about and when I tell them how I think it will work.

Faith? Maybe.

While working. I stumble across a song on Spotify. A song that has a fantastic vibe. Never really took the time to check out the lyrics until today. And the message is so beautiful. It’s like I knew all the time what the song was about, which is why I felt like i could play it on repeat all day. So right now. It’s on repeat. In my head. Over and over. And I’m hoping that the people around me don’t hear that I’m constantly playing one song..

The song is called: ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’ by Coldplay

It’s so special. I get goosebumps when I think about what this songs means. Life is an adventure. And right now I feel like I am on one of the most important and greatest adventures of all;

Finally doing something for me.

No. Not a foundation to help others. No. Not being a singer/songwriter and hustling and stressing myself out to make sure my band doesn’t leave me and is happy because there’s money coming in. No responsibilities of any kind but for myself (Husband included – as I count him as a part of me).

ME! And its so liberating. I go and stand where I please. I do as I like. Whatever the outcome, whatever the consequences.. It’s all on me.

And I’m a fighter.

I think back on the late nights I spent in a big building by myself, creating awesome plans and projects to help youngsters on St. Maarten. I remember the nights I cried while on the phone talking to my husband that I married a month before that time. Wondering why I was doing this to myself and.. us. But still knowing that the ideas I had could actually move mountains and help people.

They weren’t ready. And I had to run. Run and save myself. Refocus and take the time to get back to my core.

It took 2 years.

All the things I did before meant that I had to work with a team. The mountains I wanted to move could not have been moved by myself. I tried to and it physically made me sick. But screw the team. I should not depend on others to make my business great. I gotta make sure it’s great first. That it stands. And then… Build my team with the right people that can help take it to the next level.

This venture? Right now this is all me and my husband. We are one team. I can’t do anything without him. And quite frankly.. sometimes I feel as if I can’t do anything with him… but that’s another story 😉

I am in a wonderful place. An exciting place. Like really exciting place. Like I could scream. Now. And All the time. It’s an amazing buzz and vibe going through my body. Which makes it hard for me to even sleep at night.


So this song… ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’ is rocking my world right now. There are some parts of the song that speak to me most…

turn your magic on,
to me she’d say
everything you want’s a dream away


said I can’t go on, not in this way
I’m a dream that died by light of day
gonna hold up half the sky and say
only I own me
and I feel my heart beating
I feel my heart underneath my skin
oh I can feel my heart beating
cause you make me feel
like I’m alive again


under this pressure under this weight
we are diamonds taking shape


Love… Just pure love…. Enjoy.

And those lyrics here:


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