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CosmicusI arrived early. I had some time to put my stuff down and prepare for what was to come.
They had to make a song with a cup, in a group that they themselves would form. And of course they would ‘perform’ it in front of the class and get graded for it.

I greeted the class teacher as she came in and soon after.. the students followed. I responded to the ‘hi’s’ and the ‘how are you’s’.

I caught one of my students saying Yessss! And fistpumping when she saw me.

That made me feel…. amazing.
I smiled. My heart smiled.

Yess!!! They are glad to see me
Yess!!! They know they are about to have tons of fun during the last hour of school that day.
Yess!!! I… (As I’ve been told – the most fun music teacher ever) have arrived *hearteyes*

It’s a difficult class, a difficult school. Kids that don’t usually listen.
My approach? Let them make noise, I try to create lessons that keep them active and don’t necessarily require them to stay quiet. As long as they can get quiet when I ask them to ;). That, thankfully has been a challenge that took me a couple of weeks to conquer..

But I have conquered, and that one class at that great school.. has won my heart.
On to next weeks class.

YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

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