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#DayOne – The best time of my life is now

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It’s been over a year that I’ve last written something on my blog. Gosh. So much has happened. We had our baby boy.
He’s super strong and -every parent I know would say this- super smart. We love him so much. Maximus is our greatest achievement ever.

What a year it has been though. I’ve struggled with work/baby/family/home a lot. Wondering how other moms do it. Stay at home all day. I. Just. Can’t. My perfect and ideal situation would be being able to work on the things I’d love to be working on with my baby in the same building. Knowing he is taken care of, but also that I can pop in to see him when I please. Does that even exist? Can I make that exist? Sounds like a new challenge to me.

Peer.coaching = Da.bomb.

SO… we’ve started peer coaching a couple of months ago. The boys and myself. What an awesome idea that was. Jeff met Yukio at a masters course they were both taking and decided that we should start so we can streamline our work, and kind of get better at everything we do, simultaneously. Well.. so far, so good. We’ve actually all grown so much already and still are. We’ve figured out our feats and our flaws. We learn how to celebrate wins by even acknowledging the small actions that we took that became successful.

One of our latest session was the Wheel-of-Life. Another crazy eye opener! What it taught me though was that I am not even close to where I wanna be in life. AND also that if I want to get to that place, that I gotta do it by myself. From my bills to my attitude toward life, to relationships and even my -nonexistent- social life, which I miss, but at the same time, I don’t? Weird.


Oprah & Deepak?

The Wheel of life exercise really put things in focus. Also that I want to reflect on my days and meditate. While searching for an app that can help me to reflect daily, I realized that I signed up for a meditation course from Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra. Sounds kinda cliché right? Well it really really is not.

Another goal I wanted to set was getting back to THIS blog. Well today was Day one of the mediation… and lo and behold. I am writing a blog. On my super secret blog. No one really knows about 😀

So what did I learn today?

The best time of my life is now

Like a slap in the face. The question Deepak raised was ‘can you think of a period in your life when you were the happiest ever?’
As soon as he asked the question, I started thinking. And there is just NO period in my life that was happier or better than right now. I can think of happy moments, but each moment was laced with some kind of drama, stress, sickness.
I think about the times I told myself that I was not happy in the recent months and that was such bullshit. Yes. Of course, not everything is ideal right now. Especially financially, but we are STEADILY growing out of that. AND with this new realization of mine, that process will only progress due to a shifted focus that I got from this ridiculous Wheel of Life. Who knew?!!

Back to this meditation course, I am so curious about it. Will it help me? Will I feel better? At the moment it is confirming that I AM on the right path and that is exactly the kind of confirmation I need right now.
That and Jarmal telling me last Friday that I am extraordinary. That was really nice of him.

Excited for day two. Let’s see if I can keep this up. Yay!

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Ohhh myyyyy Goodness.. Just 8 more weeks to go and we will become parents. Mommy and Daddy. Mama en Papa..
Insane. Crazy. I have NOO idea what to expect. I have a couple of nieces and nephews and I LOVE THOSE KIDS TO PIECES. I can’t even imagine that I will be able to love even more than I already do.

I’m in love with the movements in Mom&Dadmy belly, the kicks the elbows and knees that protrude my skin. It’s an absolute miracle. I am so curious what’s going to come out of me… What does that lil’ munchkin look like? Will he look like me? or Jeff? Both? Aaahhh!

I guess I can say that I’ve been blessed to see the growth of this baby quite intensively. The amount of hospital appointments were and still are insane. But when you pair the visits with awesome doctors and hospital staff, it’s actually become a second home in a weird ass way. My gynecologist is the best in the WORLD. He is absolutely amazing and the best thing about him is that he’s REALLY happy for us. He literally hugs me when we leave. And of course he is my doctor… but he is genuinely concerned not only about my health but also about me. My person. Oh and he LOVES Jeff too. They’ve become best pals over the months. And I am truly excited to have him help me deliver this baby. If there was a reason for me to be worried about anything at all. He just wipes it away with his kindness, knowledge and care.

There. I love my gyno. Haha!

This pregnancy thing though… I see a lot of women around me pregnant… or the ones that have had kids already seem to have coasted through it. Almost smooth sailed through it… at least, that’s what they make me feel like they did. Me on the other hand, I am not sure what to think of it yet. I’m not sure if I’m enjoying it or disliking it. The weird ass pains, foot aches because of gaining weight so rapidly – okay… it could’ve been worse 8,5 kg in 7 months isn’t so bad right 😉 – pain in my hips from walking, BURNING BREASTS ( the worst!!!), a sudden E coli infection, which i swear is the reason why I did not gain so much weight due to constant puking and blessing my toilet, high bloodpressure and the worst… a change in PH balance down under. Wait. That was worse then the burning breasts.

Everyone I ‘complain’ to or basically get the chance to explain what I’m experiencing tells me it will alllllll be worth it, and that I will forget everything the moment munchkin is born. Jeff wants to get right back into baby making as soon as it is possible.

I just watch him sideways.. And in my head I’m like. Bitch.. this is MY body and I’m not sure I can handle this a second time!

(Sorry but that’s just my pregnancy rage speaking)

At the moment, my mom is matching Jeff’s socks. She’s been here a day and my house is spic and span. CLEAN. She did everything. Thank GOD for her. There’s not soooo much to do anymore. Babyroom is practically finished, I’m hearing whispers about a baby shower… (people often fail at surprising me haha) and I should really stop working as hard as I do. Soon. After tomorrow maybe. Or next week. I’ll see.

As long as I feel good. Imma do what I can do cause there is sooo much to do!

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Ohh yeah. It’s been a while. Soooo much has been happening here. Pregnancy! Omg. I feel great though <3
There is literally life growing inside of me. Every appointment is like WHAT!! Howwwwwwww in God’s name is this even possible? And the echo pictures are sooo cute!

A Miracle. A miracle is growing inside of my body.

I’ve wanted it for a longgggg time. But now that the time has come. It’s still surreal. At the same time it makes me want to work harder. Create more opportunities. Make shit happen! So I’m working on it. And it’s exciting.




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Chocolate chipI knew it. There was a reason why I was feeling this happy lately. Something was going on. Something bigger than just me and my husband. I kind of had a feeling when I felt a continuation of the pain in my.. bosom. Haha.. And then the days passed by and no evil witch came to visit. I was at the office when I took the test.

It was time for me to do it. Our interns were there and I couldn’t help but ask them if they would help me tell Jeff after I found out it was positive.

‘Put the test in his sock!’ One of the interns said. Jeff was teaching next door and would change back into his clothing right after. So I did… He did not expect it. He thought it was a positive ovulation test… So cute.. he fistpumped, said ‘YES!” and came over to give me a kiss. He then went back to put on his clothes and shed a tear or 6. Hihi. I went over and we both hugged… Crying for just a little bit. Together… *hearteyes*

So… What do you get when you mix white and milk chocolate? Well… we are about to find out. He or she is the size of a chocolate chip right now and we can’t be more excited. HE can’t be more excited!

Yeeeeyyyyy! A baby in my bellyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

BUT at the same time, there’s tons of work to do. I have loads of energy. No nausea (yet) and I hope that it stays that way. But I am more driven and dedicated than ever. I get so much done! My platform has reccently launched and I am just doing what I would be doing if I was not having a baby…
Except drinking alcohol, eating soft cheeses and sushi :(

Oh well.. I shall survive. We shall survive :)

How I love our lil’ Chocolate Chip already… Check how we told the family.. here.

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It’s harder than you think. Creating something that you hope will bring you freedom. The freedom to do as you please. The freedom to be creative and not worry about how you will make ends meet.

I’m working my butt and brain off. Every step I take I feel as if this is IT. This is THE thing that will be able to set us free. Not just me, but my husband, my family and people that want to join in this free setting way of doing business.
It’s so much hard work. But I love it and I am learning SO MUCH. Every day. It’s amazing.

I surprise myself when I explain someone what my ventures are about and when I tell them how I think it will work.

Faith? Maybe.

While working. I stumble across a song on Spotify. A song that has a fantastic vibe. Never really took the time to check out the lyrics until today. And the message is so beautiful. It’s like I knew all the time what the song was about, which is why I felt like i could play it on repeat all day. So right now. It’s on repeat. In my head. Over and over. And I’m hoping that the people around me don’t hear that I’m constantly playing one song..

The song is called: ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’ by Coldplay

It’s so special. I get goosebumps when I think about what this songs means. Life is an adventure. And right now I feel like I am on one of the most important and greatest adventures of all;

Finally doing something for me.

No. Not a foundation to help others. No. Not being a singer/songwriter and hustling and stressing myself out to make sure my band doesn’t leave me and is happy because there’s money coming in. No responsibilities of any kind but for myself (Husband included – as I count him as a part of me).

ME! And its so liberating. I go and stand where I please. I do as I like. Whatever the outcome, whatever the consequences.. It’s all on me.

And I’m a fighter.

I think back on the late nights I spent in a big building by myself, creating awesome plans and projects to help youngsters on St. Maarten. I remember the nights I cried while on the phone talking to my husband that I married a month before that time. Wondering why I was doing this to myself and.. us. But still knowing that the ideas I had could actually move mountains and help people.

They weren’t ready. And I had to run. Run and save myself. Refocus and take the time to get back to my core.

It took 2 years.

All the things I did before meant that I had to work with a team. The mountains I wanted to move could not have been moved by myself. I tried to and it physically made me sick. But screw the team. I should not depend on others to make my business great. I gotta make sure it’s great first. That it stands. And then… Build my team with the right people that can help take it to the next level.

This venture? Right now this is all me and my husband. We are one team. I can’t do anything without him. And quite frankly.. sometimes I feel as if I can’t do anything with him… but that’s another story 😉

I am in a wonderful place. An exciting place. Like really exciting place. Like I could scream. Now. And All the time. It’s an amazing buzz and vibe going through my body. Which makes it hard for me to even sleep at night.


So this song… ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’ is rocking my world right now. There are some parts of the song that speak to me most…

turn your magic on,
to me she’d say
everything you want’s a dream away


said I can’t go on, not in this way
I’m a dream that died by light of day
gonna hold up half the sky and say
only I own me
and I feel my heart beating
I feel my heart underneath my skin
oh I can feel my heart beating
cause you make me feel
like I’m alive again


under this pressure under this weight
we are diamonds taking shape


Love… Just pure love…. Enjoy.

And those lyrics here:


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The Dreamteam


Rarely you find people you can laugh with, cry with, be absolutely crazy with AND also work with. I’m blessed. I’ve met some girls I’d want to work with for the rest of my life.

Do you know what it means to be able to blindly depend on someone? That all you gotta basically do is say a word or just a specific tone in your voice, or a specific look in your eyes. And they just get you?

It’s the next best thing after my personal love life hahaha.

Life ties the three of us to responsibilities. Those responsibilities force us to do things that don’t necessarily full our emotional cup. That important cup that needs to be filled with love, respect, appreciation, satisfaction and happiness. We are all free spirits. We love to work but hate to work on things that don’t make us happy.

We so need to fix that.

Yesterday was our first event outside of our normal day jobs. And it was unbelievable! We were all amazingly comfortable and sooo in our element. We were all basically jumping for joy… while working – TOGETHER!

We make an amazing team. And if it’s up to me. This is just the beginning. We’ll be working together. Going on trips to New York together, AND doing business together. Forever.
I love my dreamteam.




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CosmicusI arrived early. I had some time to put my stuff down and prepare for what was to come.
They had to make a song with a cup, in a group that they themselves would form. And of course they would ‘perform’ it in front of the class and get graded for it.

I greeted the class teacher as she came in and soon after.. the students followed. I responded to the ‘hi’s’ and the ‘how are you’s’.

I caught one of my students saying Yessss! And fistpumping when she saw me.

That made me feel…. amazing.
I smiled. My heart smiled.

Yess!!! They are glad to see me
Yess!!! They know they are about to have tons of fun during the last hour of school that day.
Yess!!! I… (As I’ve been told – the most fun music teacher ever) have arrived *hearteyes*

It’s a difficult class, a difficult school. Kids that don’t usually listen.
My approach? Let them make noise, I try to create lessons that keep them active and don’t necessarily require them to stay quiet. As long as they can get quiet when I ask them to ;). That, thankfully has been a challenge that took me a couple of weeks to conquer..

But I have conquered, and that one class at that great school.. has won my heart.
On to next weeks class.

YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

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I’m in the zone… I’m in my zone ♫ ♬ ♩
I feel like Kanye 😮

It’s great to work with purpose. My mind is open, clear and free. There are no obstacles that can keep me from moving forward. The obstacles that are there, I just decide to handle. I find myself wanting to learn even more lately, I want to devour new information that can help me reach my objectives faster and better. I feel a surge going through my body when I’m working, my heart accelerates when I have new ideas that can potentially add to even more success.
I am getting better at weighing in the pros versus the cons.

Why am in in this flow?


I know what I want

I am thinking out of the box

I know that anything is possible

I have generated income doing things I like, so that reduces stress

I’m learning to be better every day

I am sharing what I learn

And I am absolutely LOVING the process

Sometimes, I catch myself fist pumping, screaming out loud or just being soooo excited that I feel like I have to share my ‘excitedness’ with the world. I head to Facebook and get caught up in other peoples stories and status updates. I realize that the only reason I’m on Facebook is to manage my professional pages. I understand that one of the first responses in the human mind would be to go on such a platform and share awesomeness that has happened, or things we’re excited about with the world. We get likes and people might even comment! It’s confirmation basically. Confirmation that our awesomeness matters. But do we need that confirmation?

A while back, I figured that I would want to use Facebook as a kind of diary. But I wouldn’t want to share alllllll of my ridiculously wicked things I’m doing with the world. So I decided not to post. To barely post. Cause I don’t feel like posting. BUT I do feel like somehow sharing my journey with those who really are interested. With those that want to learn or even want to join my journey toward success. And I’m not sharing my blog on Facebook. I might tell you about it, or… you will find it somehow.

It’s 2016 bitches.

The year I will be able to pay off my debts

The year I will be financially stable

While only doing things that make me feel like jumping in the air. All day.

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Yep… that’s me screaming from excitement.


Hihi! I just had to let it out!


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